Sorry there’s been a delay. Holiday, and all.Before I forget again I wanted to give the basic information on the types of treatments that Richard received while in Tijuana and since being home. There are many other natural/alternative options available, this is by no means an exhaustive list.

*Disclaimer* Attempting these treatments at home could be detrimental to your health, therefore I highly suggest that you DO NOT attempt to treat yourself without seeking the help of a professional homeopath, or a naturopath Dr. There are elements that need to be used together and it takes time and research to find the right amounts to be used in conjunction with one another. I’m giving you a list and info to the best of my knowledge. Seek out a professional to help you in your treatments.

Laetrile – from what we understand this should NEVER betaken orally as it contains a natural cyanide (will disrupt the lining of stomach) and needs to be administered intravenously.

IV Chelation – high doses of vitamins administered intravenously.

IV Hydrogen peroxide

Local Hypothermia – Infrared heat light and autotherm short wave diathermia

Infrared Ozone Sauna

Body Vibe – this was a nifty little machine which shakes the bejeezies out of you. It is meant to cleanse the lymph system. Actually at home you can get the same effect from jumping on a mini-trampoline each day.

Molgramostrim- this is an immune stimulator which is meant to stimulate bone marrow to produce more blood cells.

Coley’s toxins vaccine – this as I understand it works similar to the vaccines we give in the U.S. in that it is a dead virus that stimulates the immune system into high action.There is no real virus there to fight so the immune system aims instead at the area which contains cancer.

Low Dose Chemotherapy with Insulin Potentiated Therapy – Richard never had NO sickness, NO weakness, and NO side effects from this. In fact none of the patients at the clinic had any side effects, other than they couldn’t sleep that night, so they sat up reading or playing cards or watching movies. I’m not sure why the U.S. will not perform chemo this way.

Gerson Diet – while we were there Richard was served a diet which was compliant to the Gerson Therapy. It’s actually pretty easy to maintain this diet at home… Ready for this? I’m going to give it to you in a nutshell version:

1.ALL ORGANIC fruits and veggies (Do not continue to pump your body with toxic pesticides, herbicides and GMOs)

2.Very few grains (most grains cause inflammation)

3.Very little meat and when you do have meat it needs to be NO ANTIBIOTIC, NO HORMONE, GRASSFED, FREE RANGE

4.No dairy, other than ORGANIC PlainGreek yogurt

5.OMIT table salt

Gerson Diet Juices – First of all this must be made in a juicer. A cancer patient needs the nutrients to enter the body quickly without waiting for the fiber to digest. AND there is no possible way one could consume this much produce fiber without exploding! All produce should be ORGANIC. A cancer patient should consume 8 oz of fresh orange juice each day, 2 qts carrot juice each day, and 1 qt green juice each day. The recipes are below:

Orange juice is just made from strictly oranges.

Carrot juice (makes 8 oz) 3 large carrots, 1 large Granny Smith apple (we like to add a little fresh ginger to ours)

Greens juice (makes 8 oz) 1 large Granny Smith apple, 4 leaves watercress, 2-3 small leaves chard, 1/4 head romaine lettuce, 1/4 green pepper, 2 leaves red cabbage, 4-5 leaves escarole (we like to add a little cayenne pepper to ours)

Supplements: (yes, he has an arsenal of supplements) Life Choice green Nutrition, Enervimin CNCR Focus, Seacure, Lipo-Gen, Regencom, Moducare Daily Immune Support, IP-6 Inositol, Magnesium, Zinc,and  high doses of Vitamins A, C, and D

Will this routine cure one of cancer? I don’t know, there’s no guarantee. but it has sent my husband into remission from a supposedly terminal, no-hope cancer!!! And we’re good with that!!!


I’m Dying?

In Richard’s thoughts:

So what was it like when Laurie told me I had 12 months to live? I can honestly say that fear did not strike me. Why? I guess my thoughts were “if this is God’s will for me to die of cancer, then I can accept that.” But I had such a strong feeling about living, that I honestly didn’t believe that cancer was going to be the way I would go out of this world. (I’m pretty sure God’s going to bring on the rapture so I can fly! That’s something I had prayed about years ago, that I’d like to be around for the rapture.)

As a kid I almost drowned, twice. As an adult I had already lived through a heart attack, triple by-pass surgery and recovery. And now cancer… as the next four weeks rolled on and we saw three oncologists I was hoping that I would hear something positive. Something other than extensive chemotherapy. Some hope. I came to the conclusion that doctors here in the United States had  nothing to offer me. My body was already struggling to recover from a massive abdominal surgery, why on earth would I put toxins in it? My mind was made up to try alternatives offered in Mexico. Not everyone understood my decision, but what did I have to lose?

Traveling to Tijuana I didn’t really know what to expect. I had never been out of the country before and I was homesick from the time I stepped off the plane. I don’t like change. It was comforting to know that my wife was with me, and knowing that there were literally thousands of people praying for me all over the world. Of course the first week was the hardest because the treatments were unfamiliar, the environment was unfamiliar, the food was unfamiliar… But after getting to know the doctors and the nurse I started feeling at home.

Having an IV put in every day was not enjoyable, but I understood that’s the way it would be while I was down there. (I was not eligible for a temporary port because of thinned blood) Once the needle was in, they just hooked me up to bag after bag of immunotherapy vitamins each day. I struggled with drinking all the juices that were recommended, and the Gerson Diet took some getting used to.

After the first couple weeks, once I got into the routine and relaxed into my new normal, my strength began to return. Family conversations via Skype really lifted our spirits. My goal for the third week was to wean myself off all pain medication. The coffee enemas, funny as it seems, became one of the daily things I looked forward to. (I did them myself in the privacy of our hotel bathroom) It was actually soothing and removed the pain that I had wrestled with since the surgery. By the fourth week I felt no pain, I didn’t feel weak anymore, I wasn’t short winded, my appetite had returned (but still not enjoying the juices), and I actually felt like I was coming back to life. That there was hope that I could beat this cancer after all.

Week five the thoughts were of just getting. through. this. last. week. Flights were booked, bags were packed, anticipation was high to get back to my own home, to see my family, to sleep in my own bed… but all of this was under knowing we still had work to do when we arrived back in Chicagoland. We needed to find a Dr who would work with me, and we needed to continue juicing and the Gerson Diet along with a couple other therapies.

Do I regret spending time in Tijuana? NEVER! God gave me hope for a new future!

You can email Rich and Laurie at

St. Andrews Clinic, Tijuana, Mexico   US#(619)730-0787  -or- (oh yeah, and more often than not, Dr Munoz will answer the phone… when does THAT ever happen, a DOCTOR answering his office phone? Love that man!)

Gar Hildenbrand Alternatives  -or-


Day in, Day out

At the bottom of this post we have left contact information. We will try to remember to do this on each post.

One of the most frequently asked questions is about our daily routine in Tijuana and how his health had progressed. Most people want to know how long it took to see a difference. Altogether our stay in Tijuana lasted five weeks. Some are recommended for shorter periods of time, some for longer. Each week was quite routine, but the progress was notable week by week.

Everything was quite well arranged by the clinic: a driver picked us up at the San Diego airport and drove us across the border, to the clinic. (some are taken directly to the hotel depending on which day one arrives) I’m not sure what we were expecting, but I can tell you that everyone we met was very helpful and understanding. They truly care about you as a person, you’re not just another number.

Week one: Arriving in Tijuana my husband was in a lot of pain, taking a narcotic every three hours. His eyes were yellow, his skin a yellowish-grey colour. He could not keep anything straight in his head, and got winded going up one flight of stairs, to the point that he had to sit down to rest while I unlocked our hotel door.

Each day the driver for the clinic, Julio, arrived at the hotel at 8:45, with a smile on his face. At the clinic everything was so different from the healthcare in the U.S. The Dr and the nurse (yes the SAME Dr and the SAME nurse day in and day out, it’s fabulous!) took the time to explain everything that they were doing. Each day Richard would have an IV put in (most people are able to receive a temporary port but he was not), then for about 5 hours he would be pumped with vitamins, receive various treatments depending on the day, and served breakfast. His day concluded with a sauna and a shower, and then lunch. We would go “home” to the hotel, where Richard would proceed to sleep the entire night. And when i say the entire night, I mean the ENTIRE afternoon and night. Needless to say I watched a LOT of Netflix and played a LOT of solitaire.

Gar Hildenbrand and his lovely wife, Christeene, visit the clinic every Monday and Thursday afternoons.They come to visit, to educate and to spread their good cheer! They also bring things from the states that one cannot find in Tijuana.

Week two: No more narcotics! The Drs gave Rich a prescription for another pain reliever and weaned him off the narcotics. Treatments at the clinic were the exact same as the first week, but now we knew what to expect. His mind was still foggy and he doesn’t even remember much of the first two weeks there. (actually he doesn’t remember much of June 17th on..) Mostly Richard was still tired, slept a lot at the hotel. Mostly I played more solitaire and watched a lot of Netflix.

Week three: This was when the notable progress began. Same old same old at the clinic, but Rich was socializing more with the other patients. Anyone who knows Rich, knows that he is a VERY social person so this to me was a great sign! He was not winded going up the flight of stairs anymore, and after a nap we would usually go for a short walk. His colouring, which had been quite yellowish-grey because of being jaundice, was back to a normal flesh tone. Also, because his blood pressure was too low, they took him off the statin drugs he had been on for the past 7 years! At the end of the third week, we hired Julio to take us on a little field trip down the coast for lunch and a bit of shopping. It felt good to get out of the hotel and out of the routine… very spirit lifting.

Week four: Wow! What a difference! When we would arrive “home” from the clinic Rich would ask if I wanted to go for a walk! What??!! And he played cards WITH me! Even watched a Netflix series with me… still took naps, but again anyone who knows the Beres men knows that they can fall asleep on command within 30 seconds. His appetite had returned, which I took full advantage of, “suggesting” local restaurants. He started going into the hotel courtyard to visit with other patients, sharing his testimony and trying to lift THEIR spirits. His energy was back and his social-butterfly-ness was starting to annoy me again… this was a good sign, trust me. (he has a habit of saying “I’ll be right back” and then disappear for an hour or more) Family back in the states were asking how we could be sure that Rich was getting better. Well he was finished with ALL pain relievers, no more pain at all! and frankly, they couldn’t see him!

Week five: Making plans to return to the U.S. That was pretty much all that was on our minds. Other than the treatments at the clinic the last week was spent booking flights, revisiting restaurants, walking on the boardwalk at the beach, and Skype-ing with family. Rich’s energy just improved more, and his laughter had returned, but we were anxious to get back home to our new normal. And yes, we cried when we said good-bye to everyone.

Don’t get me wrong, there were many emotional highs and lows along the five weeks, but we’ll talk about that in another post…

You can email Rich and Laurie at

St. Andrews Clinic, Tijuana, Mexico   US#(619)730-0787  -or- (oh yeah, and more often than not, Dr Munoz will answer the phone… when does THAT ever happen, a DOCTOR answering his office phone? Love that man!)

Gar Hildenbrand Alternatives  -or-

Where Did Our Summer Go??


Well as you can see, it’s been quite some time since I last posted (June 18). There’s a reason for that… one that sent our entire world, as we knew it, into chaos. The very day of my last post was as I was sitting in the waiting room while my husband, Richard, was to be having his gallbladder removed. Shortly after that post was submitted, the Dr came out to say the dreaded “C-word.” My husband’s entire gallbladder was filled with cancer. And thus began our journey down the dreaded cancer road. (and keep in mind this was only 6 months after I had lost my mother to cancer)

It’s been an amazing adventure, if one can call it that. An adventure that taught us a lot: about ourselves, about our healthcare and about our relationships. We’d like to share that journey with you. As I am the writer in the family, I obviously will be doing the blogging, but with my husband’s input and perspective.

So the story (I’ll give the Cliff Note version): We left for our Florida vacation on June 13, to visit Rich’s son Dustin and family, which four days later turned into an emergency room visit and hospitalization. After finding the cancer in his gallbladder, the plan was to do an extensive second surgery the following week, removing his gallbladder and bile duct and reconstructing a new bile duct from his intestine.

When the surgeon appeared shortly after the second surgery began, I knew it could only be bad news. The cancer had metastasized to his Rich’s lymph nodes. They had already sent samples to pathology. There was no point in doing the extensive surgery, so with family permission they only removed the gallbladder that was causing him so much pain. In that meeting with the Dr I was also informed that my husband would need extensive chemotherapy and would only live about one year. Without chemotherapy, he would only live approximately three months.

Do you know what it’s like having to tell your husband he has one year to live? I do.

My husband’s faith in our Savior is unwavering. Truly. I never saw him worry, fret, or be anxious. (I did enough of that for both of us, I think) All he kept saying was that he was in NO WAY going to take chemotherapy and spend the rest of his “short life being sick as a dog.” We were stuck in Florida for five weeks altogether. I suppose, if you’re going to be stuck somewhere, Florida is as pleasant a place as any, but it was not under pleasant circumstances. It took us six more days to drive back to Chicagoland where we live.

We arrived in the Chicago area July 20th. In the following two weeks we talked to three oncologists, not wanting to believe that there wasn’t some other prognosis. They all said the exact same thing: extensive chemo and one year to live.

Now… in the background of this story we have a key player… son from Florida, Dustin, who talked nonstop about alternative medicines and therapies. At times I wanted to scream at him, but I thank God that Dustin did not give up! (and thank God I didn’t scream at him, I don’t know what we would have done without him)

After speaking to the third oncologist, Rich and I sat on park bench enjoying the sunshine. I asked him what he wanted to do. All along I had been telling him I would stand by him no matter what his choice was. “I want to go to Mexico,” was his response, and three days later we were on an airplane… on our way to Tijuana… for immunotherapy along with other therapies. We flew out to San Diego on August 1st.

Two weeks ago, November 5th, four and half months after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, my husband Rich was proclaimed to be in remission! God’s healing powers and alternative medicines cannot be denied! Is he completely healed, out of the woods? Nope. But the lymph nodes have shrunk substantially, and the liver, pancreas, stomach and the entire abdomen area are clear.

We would love to share our experience with you. We don’t presume to have the answers for everyone. Each person must make their own decisions, but we would like to share what we’ve learned about the various therapies, the time in Tijuana, our mindsets through all this journey, and some possible preventative measures anyone can take! Check back each day for updates. I’ll attempt to make this a timely procedure… follow along.

Toxic cookware

And here’s a biggie that most of us probably have lurking in our kitchens… inside the cabinets… waiting to leech into our foods that we consume every evening… I can’t say enough about this poisoning agent:
Perflourinated Componds (PFCS) This bad daddy is found in our nonstick cookware such as Teflon, in food packaging, and all weather textiles. PFCs have been shown to cause cancer growth in certain organs and can be transferred via the placenta and breastmilk.
Although this could be an expensive fix, you don’t have to replace everything all at once. First throw out your nonstick skillets and replace them with TWO (one large and one small) stainless steel or cast iron skillets. That’s really all most families need is two skillets. Next step your saucepans if they are nonstick. Again, stainless steel, and one big soup-pot size and a smaller 2 or 3 quart size is about all most families need. Then check your cookie sheets and casserole pans– my favorite replacement is stoneware from Pampered Chef. I’ve used stoneware for yeeeears and it’s amazing: pizza stone, muffin stone, cookie sheet stone, casserole stone. A couple of my stones are about 20 years old. They last a long time and they’re easy to clean up! Hot water and a scraper!

I’ll come back to write about toxins again sometime, but after this post I think I will research different food alternatives, such as oils, sweeteners etc. We’ve learned what NOT to use, now lets find out what we CAN use!!!

Technology isn’t always a good thing

As a carry over from the past post here are two biggies found in most of our homes. The thing about these products is that most of them are avoidable, and were avoided up until about 40 years ago. Technology isn’t always a good thing. (next post will contain one of my biggest pet peeves…)

Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB) – PCBs are hazardous contaminants shown to cause cancer in humans and animals along with low immune systems, increased cognitive effects, thyroid disruption, fertility issues and increased risk of Type II Diabetes. PCBs are used to produce things like fluorescent lighting, electrical devices and appliances, hydraulic fluids, inks and flame retardants. Because they do not break down easily, PCBs are found in our water, soil and sediments, and get this in the fatty tissues of animals that we eat! Great.
Start looking for and using natural, not man-made, materials. Start simple – wooden soap holders, cotton sheets and clothing (washed of course), glass jars and drinking containers. I recently switched our drinking containers to Mason jars – they look country adorable, affordable and easily replaced for a matching set. In fact we’ve started using them to store our seeds, nuts, cranberries, oatmeal, trail mix, etc.
Formaldehyde – This cancer causing substance is used at the end of the production cycle of conventionally produced cottons and clothing. It’s added to keep fabric smooth while shipping. So THIS would be why we are warned to “wash before using.” Also found in paneling, pressed wood products, foam insulation, but how about this: wrinkle free fabric, nail polishes, BABY shampoos!, skin care products, Brazilian Blowout hair straightener, AND plug in air fresheners.
Look for textile labels that are clearly marked “formaldehyde free.” Honestly people start reading your product labels; the internet makes it so easy to research those ingredients! I represent a company that has never had formaldehyde in any of it’s beauty products. As for air freshener, try going the natural route: either essential oils diffused, or how about simmer a little cinnamon, clove, dried oranges, and lavender blossoms. Voila!

Alternatives to Toxic Exposures (part 1)

I am officially in vacation mode, so these will definitely be short and sweet posts. This Midwest girl is definitely ready for some sun and fun! Surf and turf! But not to leave you hanging, I have already prepared three posts ahead of time, so all I have to do is point and click…

Remember when antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers came onto the general market? Ok, well some of you are probably too young to remember back then, but I do! And I remember researching the info back then about bacteria being able to mutate and become immune to the sanitizers. Turns out my craziness wasn’t too far off! It also causes our natural antibodies to be killed off.
Most of you have heard about Howie Mandell and his obsession with hand sanitizer: “I would constantly be soaked with Purell,” he said. “My hands were raw and I had no antibodies and I started getting warts and it was — I was a mess.” But anti-bacterial agents aren’t just harmful to our bodies, they are harmful to the environments also.
Take a hint from our great grannies and keep your clothing and towels clean by WASHING them in good old soap and water! Wash your hands frequently in good old soap and water.
Flame retardants – These are used to extend combustion time in some textiles, namely children’s sleepwear. But these often contain bromide that is absorbed by living organisms. It has been noted that animals have suffered damage to liver, thyroid, reproductive organs, fetal development and nervous systems.
Solution: check the labels, buy all natural materials, or better yet, sleep naked! Problem solved!

Vanity Vanity cont’d…

Where did we leave off?… OH that’s right! Toxins in our cosmetics.

Before I address the toxin, I want to talk about Silicones, because while not necessarily toxic they pose a problem to your skin and hair folicles. Your skin is made up of pores.These pores are designed to clean themselves through perspiration and oils. by filling the pores with silicones (often having the suffixes -cone, -conol, and -xane) you are impeding the natural ability of the body to take care of itself. Think of it as clogged drains…  And when you put silicones on your hair, yes it makes the split ends seem smooth, but all it is really doing is filling in the splits temporarily. Until you begin to use proper hair care systems and maintenance, your hair will continue to break and split as you brush, straighten, curl and comb your hair.

One of my BIG pet peeves is antiperspirants! Aluminum Chloride (aluminum chlorohydrate) is an aluminum found in most deodorant/antiperspirant. It has anti-perspiring effects as it blocks the pores, and we already talked about how blocking the pores is causing problem, not solving them. There have also been links between aluminum and Alzheimer’s and between aluminum and breast cancer… so why are we putting this stuff right in our armpits where we have lymph nodes???

Now lets talk perfumes: Synthetic perfumes, or fragrances, are made from unknown chemicals that don’t have to be listed on the ingredient list. Most synthetic fragrances contain phthalates, believed to cause reproductive problems.

Phthalates (alcohol denat perfume) are just ordinary alcohol that has been “denatured” to make it undrinkable. It is found in skin care products as well as perfumes.Animal tests show that phthalates are toxic to the reproductive system,liver,kidneys and lungs. And yet we spray this in the air for all to inhale?

One alternative to perfumes would be essential oils, however some essential oils can cause allergic reactions and sun sensitivity. So please read up and study your oils before use.

You Probably think the Song is About You, Don’t You?

“…Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.” Ecc 1:2

Why are we so vain? (can you hear Carly Simon singing in your head?)

We curl, we straighten, we gel mousse and spray. We try to turn back the hands of time by lifting, tucking, boosting and firming. We de-wrinkle, tone, brighten, prime, lengthen, volumize. We even try to protect with sunscreen, insect repellent and moisturizer.

But have we considered what ingredients are in all those products we slather on each day? Most brands are chock full of promises of youth, but actually deliver ingredients that will bring us closer to ill health. Let’s take a look over the next few days at some of the biggest culprits:

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (also labeled as SLS, SLES) I’ve covered this ingredient in a previous post, so I’ll just remind that it’s in everything from shampoo to toothpaste to lotion. It not only is toxic,but it dissolves the skin’s natural protective oils.

Butylacetate/Butylethanoate (Silicon/Dimethicone/Diphenyl Demethicone/Methicone) makes sunscreen waterproof and lipstick “kiss proof.” Also found in nail polish. considered to be harmful to the nervous system.

Mineral Oil (Medical White Oil, Oleum Petroleum, Paraffin, Paraffinum Liquidum, Oleum Vaseline, Vaseline, Kerosene, Petroleum, Propylene, White Mineral Oil) Yes this would include just straight up petroleum jellies also. This is aproduct of the distiallation of petroleumand is found in almost all conventional cosmetics today. Contact with the skin can cause irritation and some can be absorbed through the skin. Chronic exposure to petroleum products may affect the nervous system, blood and kidneys. Not to mention all the environmental side effects of the production such as acid rain, but we’ll save that for another day…

Jurrasic Park of Plants

“In the mid 1800s only one variety of potato was grown in Ireland; when they became diseased, 1 million people died. The same potato plight attacked Peru but they suffered fewer consequences due to a variety of potato crops. 97% of vegetables grown at the beginning of the 20th century are now extinct.”

The more I read about GMOs the more I feel as though I’m living in the Jurassic Park of Plants. One of the most succinct descriptions of what has happened in the past 100 years, is given in the video “The Future of Food.” For those of you who have watched this film, you know what I’m talking about. For those of you who haven’t, I will sum it up for you. Anything in “quotations” is taken directly from the film. The rest is my two cents worth. Let’s start at the beginning and the development of pesticides which led to GMOs.

“Nerve gas developed during WWII was slightly modified to make insecticides. DDT was the hero of its generation.”

“Monocultures of one crop variety, with no rotations or variations of crops, left an ecological vacuum that insects and disease could exploit. The insects and weeds became immune to these pesticides and herbicides. This caused a pesticide treadmill – the more the farmers sprayed, the more they HAD to spray.”
“In the 1970s Monsanto introduced RoundUp. It could kill most weeds, but the crops needed to be gene spliced in order to survive the weed killer. They modified seeds to be RoundUp ready, so crops will not die when sprayed. Monsantos BT corn itself is registered as an insecticide. Every cell has been modified to manufacture BT, a bacterial toxin.”

So how is a seed made into a GMO product? In a nutshell, seeds are forced with an injection of DNA from a soil bacteria which is resistant to herbicides. In order to make this resistance activate in within the seeds, the DNA of the bacteria must also be linked with an EColi DNA…  EColi people!!! Seriously? And then we act surprised by the EColi outbreaks?

So this seed, which refers to our largest crops of corn and wheat and soy (among others), is now able to withstand herbicides and pesticides but it is unable to reproduce itself. So in other words, if you take the corn from these crops, dry it and replant it… nothing will happen. You get nothing. No plant, no harvest, no food. This ‘brilliant’ idea will not sustain a country. It won’t even sustain your body! Now we have this seed line which cannot reproduce itself. Not only can it not reproduce, but it needs to be sprayed with another chemical to make it germinate once it’s in the ground.

And here’s a kicker: GMO corn seed is labeled as a pesticide… and we are eating the produce from that seed! Read your labels! Anything labeled with high fructose corn syrup or soy lecithin is undoubtedly packed with GMOs. Not to mention that our beef and chicken supplies are eating the produce from that seed also.

Now lets talk about these GMO seeds. Did you know they are patented? Did you know that goes against our Constitution?! The right to patent is guaranteed by Article 1 in the US Constitution. Food crops were deliberately excluded from patenting on the basis of moral grounds. What happened to our moral grounds?! And let’s think about how this patent effects our agricultural community… Less than 2% of the population in the United States are farmers. 2% producing all the food for the rest of the 98% of us. Something has to give! Unfortunately, what has been broken is the quality of our food and our protection of our farmers.
Farmers who have not used GMO seeds, but whose land has been invaded by GMO DNA by either wind carrying the seeds, or birds, or seeds blowing off a truck as it passes by… those farmers have had to pay thousands of dollars in penalties for “using” GMO patented seeds. Many of these farmers have been bankrupted over the law suits.

Why isn’t any of this being brought forward to the awareness of the general public? Well for one thing money talks,and guess who has the money? The biotech companies such as Monsanto (which by the way also owns Pioneer, DeKalb, Asgrow, Channel, DeltaPine, Hubner, GoldCountry and others) silence the publications and the researchers.

“The first GMO tomato, FLAVR SAVR, was introduced to the consumers in 1994, even AFTER it was proven to produce tumors and cancer in rats!”
“Dr Pushtai was suspended two days after discussing his research that expressed results of the depressed immune systems and growth of rats which had been fed GMO potatoes.”
“A Cornell University researcher found that when caterpillars of the Monarch butterfly were fed BT corn pollen in the lab 40% of them died unexpectedly.”
“Nature magazine retracted a world renowned scientist’s paper after publishing his peer view work, which studied the hazardous effects of GMO corn.” All three instances were denigrated by the biotech industry. Wonder why?

In cancer research labs, the DNA of breast cancer cells have been “repossessed” by GMO companies claiming that those DNA samples are OWNED by their company! How is that so, you might ask? Because the cancer cells contain GMO cells! They are halting the research that could have saved my mother!

We need to push to have GMO foods labeled in this country. Once again, Europe is way ahead of us on this, as are Japan, Central America and even some third world countries.
Consumers are still king! Educate yourselves and exercise your choice!

If it’s not labeled organic or verified non-GMO: Avoid products made with ingredients that might be derived from GMOs. The eight GM food crops are Corn, Soybeans, Canola, Cottonseed, Sugar Beets, Hawaiian Papaya (most) and a small amount of Zucchini and Yellow Squash.

If you would like to know lists of companies to avoid and ways to eat healthier, here are a couple links:

Printable List of Monsanto Owned “Food” Producers