I’m Dying?

In Richard’s thoughts:

So what was it like when Laurie told me I had 12 months to live? I can honestly say that fear did not strike me. Why? I guess my thoughts were “if this is God’s will for me to die of cancer, then I can accept that.” But I had such a strong feeling about living, that I honestly didn’t believe that cancer was going to be the way I would go out of this world. (I’m pretty sure God’s going to bring on the rapture so I can fly! That’s something I had prayed about years ago, that I’d like to be around for the rapture.)

As a kid I almost drowned, twice. As an adult I had already lived through a heart attack, triple by-pass surgery and recovery. And now cancer… as the next four weeks rolled on and we saw three oncologists I was hoping that I would hear something positive. Something other than extensive chemotherapy. Some hope. I came to the conclusion that doctors here in the United States had  nothing to offer me. My body was already struggling to recover from a massive abdominal surgery, why on earth would I put toxins in it? My mind was made up to try alternatives offered in Mexico. Not everyone understood my decision, but what did I have to lose?

Traveling to Tijuana I didn’t really know what to expect. I had never been out of the country before and I was homesick from the time I stepped off the plane. I don’t like change. It was comforting to know that my wife was with me, and knowing that there were literally thousands of people praying for me all over the world. Of course the first week was the hardest because the treatments were unfamiliar, the environment was unfamiliar, the food was unfamiliar… But after getting to know the doctors and the nurse I started feeling at home.

Having an IV put in every day was not enjoyable, but I understood that’s the way it would be while I was down there. (I was not eligible for a temporary port because of thinned blood) Once the needle was in, they just hooked me up to bag after bag of immunotherapy vitamins each day. I struggled with drinking all the juices that were recommended, and the Gerson Diet took some getting used to.

After the first couple weeks, once I got into the routine and relaxed into my new normal, my strength began to return. Family conversations via Skype really lifted our spirits. My goal for the third week was to wean myself off all pain medication. The coffee enemas, funny as it seems, became one of the daily things I looked forward to. (I did them myself in the privacy of our hotel bathroom) It was actually soothing and removed the pain that I had wrestled with since the surgery. By the fourth week I felt no pain, I didn’t feel weak anymore, I wasn’t short winded, my appetite had returned (but still not enjoying the juices), and I actually felt like I was coming back to life. That there was hope that I could beat this cancer after all.

Week five the thoughts were of just getting. through. this. last. week. Flights were booked, bags were packed, anticipation was high to get back to my own home, to see my family, to sleep in my own bed… but all of this was under knowing we still had work to do when we arrived back in Chicagoland. We needed to find a Dr who would work with me, and we needed to continue juicing and the Gerson Diet along with a couple other therapies.

Do I regret spending time in Tijuana? NEVER! God gave me hope for a new future!

You can email Rich and Laurie at agreenginger@yahoo.com

St. Andrews Clinic, Tijuana, Mexico   US#(619)730-0787  -or-  standrewsclinic@yahoo.com (oh yeah, and more often than not, Dr Munoz will answer the phone… when does THAT ever happen, a DOCTOR answering his office phone? Love that man!)

Gar Hildenbrand Alternatives  http://www.garhildenbrand.com  -or- ghildenbrand@earthlink.net



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