Technology isn’t always a good thing

As a carry over from the past post here are two biggies found in most of our homes. The thing about these products is that most of them are avoidable, and were avoided up until about 40 years ago. Technology isn’t always a good thing. (next post will contain one of my biggest pet peeves…)

Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB) – PCBs are hazardous contaminants shown to cause cancer in humans and animals along with low immune systems, increased cognitive effects, thyroid disruption, fertility issues and increased risk of Type II Diabetes. PCBs are used to produce things like fluorescent lighting, electrical devices and appliances, hydraulic fluids, inks and flame retardants. Because they do not break down easily, PCBs are found in our water, soil and sediments, and get this in the fatty tissues of animals that we eat! Great.
Start looking for and using natural, not man-made, materials. Start simple – wooden soap holders, cotton sheets and clothing (washed of course), glass jars and drinking containers. I recently switched our drinking containers to Mason jars – they look country adorable, affordable and easily replaced for a matching set. In fact we’ve started using them to store our seeds, nuts, cranberries, oatmeal, trail mix, etc.
Formaldehyde – This cancer causing substance is used at the end of the production cycle of conventionally produced cottons and clothing. It’s added to keep fabric smooth while shipping. So THIS would be why we are warned to “wash before using.” Also found in paneling, pressed wood products, foam insulation, but how about this: wrinkle free fabric, nail polishes, BABY shampoos!, skin care products, Brazilian Blowout hair straightener, AND plug in air fresheners.
Look for textile labels that are clearly marked “formaldehyde free.” Honestly people start reading your product labels; the internet makes it so easy to research those ingredients! I represent a company that has never had formaldehyde in any of it’s beauty products. As for air freshener, try going the natural route: either essential oils diffused, or how about simmer a little cinnamon, clove, dried oranges, and lavender blossoms. Voila!


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