Alternatives to Toxic Exposures (part 1)

I am officially in vacation mode, so these will definitely be short and sweet posts. This Midwest girl is definitely ready for some sun and fun! Surf and turf! But not to leave you hanging, I have already prepared three posts ahead of time, so all I have to do is point and click…

Remember when antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers came onto the general market? Ok, well some of you are probably too young to remember back then, but I do! And I remember researching the info back then about bacteria being able to mutate and become immune to the sanitizers. Turns out my craziness wasn’t too far off! It also causes our natural antibodies to be killed off.
Most of you have heard about Howie Mandell and his obsession with hand sanitizer: “I would constantly be soaked with Purell,” he said. “My hands were raw and I had no antibodies and I started getting warts and it was — I was a mess.” But anti-bacterial agents aren’t just harmful to our bodies, they are harmful to the environments also.
Take a hint from our great grannies and keep your clothing and towels clean by WASHING them in good old soap and water! Wash your hands frequently in good old soap and water.
Flame retardants – These are used to extend combustion time in some textiles, namely children’s sleepwear. But these often contain bromide that is absorbed by living organisms. It has been noted that animals have suffered damage to liver, thyroid, reproductive organs, fetal development and nervous systems.
Solution: check the labels, buy all natural materials, or better yet, sleep naked! Problem solved!


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